I am currently involved in the following research projects:

  • Antarctic Science Platform, project 4: Sea ice and carbon cycle feedbacks
  • Eyes in the Southern Sky
  • Sparse Ice Detection in the Southern Ocean

Here is a list of previous research projects I was involved in (with year of conclusion):

  • Vulnerability of the Ross Ice Shelf in a Warming World (2021)
  • Short-term acceleration of Antarctic outlet glaciers and the link to ocean tides (2021)
  • National Science Challenge: Targeted Observations and Processed Informed Modelling of Antarctic Sea Ice (2020)
  • Weddell Sea Expedition 2018/19
  • Versatile 4D Drones for Observations of Deep-South Key Earth System Variables (2018)
  • Past Antarctic Climate and Future Implications (2018)
  • Ross Sea Climate and Ecosystem (2016)
  • Tidal Flexure of Ice Shelves: the Key to Understanding Antarctic Grounding Zones (2016)
  • Meteorological Change in the Ross Sea Region and its link to Antarctic Sea Ice Trends (2016)